Blogging Masterclass: How to Make Your Blog Work For You

I enjoy delivering masterclasses, not least because every group of people is different and I learn as much from them as they potentially do from me.


Today I was in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists, teaching Fine Art graduates, jewellers, artisans and business owners how to get the most out of blogging. Cool venue or what? And I got some lovely feedback.

I enjoyed having the chance to workshop with others who have similar goals to me. Loved how organised it was, and it had the right balance of group tasks and presentation.

For this session I gave an overview of the functions of a blog, and the key benefits to planning and scheduling a variety of posts through the month. Remember: regular posts ensure regular visits to your site.

Artists and makers have a very particular set of needs when it comes to writing content for their blogs. They need to create interest in their work, drive visits to their pages, and promote their online portfolios and stores. But there's also a need to get creative with blogging, and potentially solve some common problems for customers.

One of the best ideas coming out of today was from a jeweller who thought up a simple but beautiful idea for a post: How to Clean Your Jewellery. He gets many questions about this from people who visit his shop, so it totally makes sense to write a post about it.

I hope he gets maximum mileage from this evergreen content. 

I was able to communicate current marketing trends and the importance of researching your customer base: you need to know your target market, understand who you are writing blog posts for, and where to share your great content on social media.

We looked at how to make best use of search terms and keywords in your blog posts. And for small business owners and creatives, there's the added bonus of becoming the personality behind the brand, so I talked about the value of digital storytelling, especially through social media.

A knowledgeable writer: excellent pointers, particularly about planning and scheduling.

I'm so glad people got as much from the afternoon as I did. More classes in this series have been requested, so I'm looking at designing sessions on editing images for Pinterest and Instagram, and how to take a journalistic approach to writing content.

I'm with the RBSA until the autumn, helping them with digital writing and social media. It's great, having time to really get to know their amazing archive and all the great things they're up to over the summer.

My masterclasses are tailored to the groups I teach, and this one was very much with the creative industries, small businesses and start-ups in mind. Copywriting is something I know a bit about as a journalist and published writer. I'm happy to share top tips on how to produce great content for your website.

If you or your organisation is interested in a bespoke masterclass series or residency tailored to your industry, then please get in touch. I find that although the basic rules of blogging are largely the same, there are important differences according to your sector. Want to know more?

Louise Palfreyman

Louise Palfreyman is a writer based in Birmingham, UK. Her work has been published in Best British Short Stories and a range of literary journals.