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When you're thinking of hiring a copywriter, it makes sense to find someone who can:


  • increase visitors to your website
  • turn visitors into leads
  • win you social media clicks and shares


If you want to boost your business with word power, you're in the right place. There's an art to digital content creation... perhaps I can help.

In a career spanning nearly 20 years I've worked in newspapers, public relations, and as a published writer. So I know a thing or two about story construction and how to make people sit up and take notice.

Fresh, original content is at the heart of effective digital marketing and communications. You need material relevant to your target audience to attract new customers, and keep them! 

Take a few minutes to look around my site: you'll see my writing in action at my blog, and some nice things clients have said about me.

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The Detail


Swift Editorial provides a range of services designed to help your ideas take flight...


Copywriting: Revitalise your website and revolutionise your search engine rankings by optimising content.

Social Media: Reach out to new audiences via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn.

Content Guidance: Learn all about writing engaging web content.

Blogging: Publish posts people will want to share. Swift can supply ghost written blogs for CEOs.

Thought Leadership: Impress people with specialist long form pieces.

Policy and Strategy: Map out your future with concise internal documents.

Internal Communications: Iron out your key messages for employees, customers, stakeholders and partners.


Clients Say...

“We have been really impressed with progress made. Key achievements include:

• improving site appearance, usability, accessibility, and range of content
• reaching a larger and more diverse audience and artists through blog articles and targeted tweets
• gaining and working with new contacts
• improving staff knowledge on how best to utilise social media platforms

We are keen not to lose momentum are now working with Louise on how to manage and delegate tasks more effectively to ensure we can maintain this level of increased activity throughout our social media platforms.”
— Natalie Osborne, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists
“Louise is an exemplary writer who brings unrivalled professional standards to every assignment. She applies her newsroom experience to business-to-business marketing and to great effect. Every sentence is optimally constructed to achieve the strongest possible impact. She is also very happy to share her considerable expertise. Louise is a great asset to our marketing agency; with her versatility and willingness to learn, I can point her to almost any subject area and know that she will unfailingly return excellent copy.”
— Sarah Bartlett, Senior Editorial Manager, Tomorrow People
“Louise delivered valuable work across print and online communications channels during her time at Birmingham City Council. She is a skilled editor, and was responsible for the production of Forward, our 424,000-circulation newspaper. She also improved digital content at our website, and helped communicate complex budget messages to both the public and our employees. Louise was able to apply her considerable industry knowledge across a range of projects to deliver work of a consistently high quality.”
— Jason Lowther, Head of Strategy, Birmingham City Council
“Louise’s background as a media professional was invaluable. She worked with members of the local planning group to help develop our PR strategy and media approach for Playing Out, a national campaign.
As a result, we got lots of really positive media coverage before, during and after the event.”
— Sue Smith, Social Inclusion Challenge Unit, Birmingham
“Louise was Head of PR and Fundraising for Pow-Wow Litfest, a community literary festival. She raised an unprecedented sum of money in sponsorship and grants, with sponsors ranging from small local businesses to a major investment bank. The festival was also covered extensively in local media: TV, press and online.”
— Andrew Killeen, Director, PowWow Litfest

Workshop Attendees Say...

“I enjoyed having the chance to workshop with others who have similar goals to me. Loved how organised it was - the right balance of group tasks and presentation.”
“This was a good initial insight into blogging with a general but applicable approach. More workshops please!”
“Louise is a knowledgeable writer: excellent pointers, particularly about planning and scheduling.”
“I liked that we had to write five blog post examples in the session as it’s helpful to bounce ideas off each other.”

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